Litostroj to take part in modernization of German Jochenstein HPP

Litostroj Group will take part in the modernization of the Jochenstein hydropower plant on the Danube River between Upper Austria and Bavaria.

Litostroj Power, part of the ENERGO-PRO Group has received a new order from Donaukraftwerk Jochenstein, the subsidiary of Verbund Hydro Power, to develop hydraulic design and to carry out homologous model test for turbines 3–5 at the Jochenstein power plant on the Danube.

Specifically, the team of Litostroj Engineering in Blansko, Czech Republic, will provide hydraulic design and model test of the newly developed runner, and additionally also model test of the existing runner. With the runner diameter of 7.7 m and runner weight approximately 200t, these units belong to the biggest ones Litostroj Group has worked on in the recent history. 

“We are proud to be part of this project and to be able to continue providing our services to Verbund Hydro Power. This new contract will further strengthen the position of Litostroj as a stable and creative supplier of solutions for an important client, leading operator of hydropower plants both in Austria and Germany,” said Pavel Váňa, CEO of Litostroj Group.

Litostroj Power, which manufactures turbines and other hydropower equipment in Ljubljana, Slovenia, together with Litostroj Engineering in Blansko, Czech Republic, and other sister companies, form the industrial pillar of ENERGO-PRO Group, a multinational operator of hydropower plants.


Verbund´s power plant Jochenstein is a run-of-river power plant situated on the Danube, near Passau in Bavaria. It was constructed between the years 1952 and 1956 by Donaukraftwerk Jochenstein.

Jochenstein also serves as a border crossing between Upper Austria and Bavaria – for cyclists and pedestrians. The power plant has a capacity of 132 MW and is the most powerful of the “border power plant” group, capable of supplying more than 200 000 households with electricity.


Max. power: 32 MW

Net head: 4,61 – 9,79 m

Max. flow: 500 m3 / s

Runner diameter: 7700 mm

Rotational speed: 65.2 min-1

Runner weight: approx. 200 t

The scope of works includes:

a. Hydraulic development of the new Kaplan runner

b. Model test of newly developed runner

c. Model test of an existing runner