We Offer

We supply technological equipment for hydropower plants and pumping stations

We offer complete supplies of hydropower plant equipment on a turnkey basis, construction and design activities in cooperation with our other Litostroj Group companies

We focus on complex modernisation and rehabilitation of hydropower plants

We take advantage of our unique hydraulic laboratory

We lay emphasis on a high-quality hydraulic, strength, construction and design solution that is in compliance with modern world trends

We use the most up-to-date CFD and FEM computation methods to optimize individual components and the whole hydraulic machine

Forms of Involvement of Litostroj Engineering in Individual Projects

Project management

Research and development of hydraulic machines – hydraulic design, CFD and FEM computations

Design and construction solution of the machine-technological part of hydropower plant equipment

Production of physical models of hydraulic machines and model tests

Hydraulic shock calculations, transients

Supplies of the machine-technological part of  hydropower plant equipment

Installation and installation supervision

Commissioning of hydraulic machines and hydro-technological equipment

Performing guarantee, diagnostic and documentation measurements on hydraulic machines and hydro-technological equipment

Range of Activities of Litostroj Engineering


runner diameter up to 9,500 mm
head from 5 m to 75 m
output from 200 kW to 100 MW


runner diameter
from 400 mm to 4,000 mm
head from 50 m to 1500 m
output from 100 kW to 300 MW


runner diameter up to 7,000 mm
head from 10 m to 800 m
output from 200 kW to 300 MW


runner diameter up to 6,000 mm
head/delivery head from 30 m to 600 m
output/input from
5 MW to 500 MW

Low Head

runner diameter up to 6,000 mm
head from 1.5 m to 30 m 
output from 100 kW to 20 MW


runner diameter up to 2,500 mm
delivery head from 20 m to 800 m
input from 5 MW to 150 MW

Types of pump turbines:
Francis and Dériaz

BULB turbines, PIT turbines,
S ‑type, Tubular turbines, Vertical axial flow turbines

Storage pumps, Cooling pumps, Irrigation pumps

Valves and Gates

Butterfly Valves, Spray Valves, Cone Valves, Hollow Cone Valves, Radial Gates, Stop Log Gates, Lock Gates, Knife Valves, Weir Shutters, Quick-closing Valves with wheels

Steel Structures

Penstocks, Lock Chambers, Steel Structures, Valves and Piping

Trash Racks and
Cleaning Machines