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Latest News

Unique solution for an underground power plant in Carinthia

The underground engine room of the new Reisseck 2Plus pumped-storage power plant in Carinthia, Austria, will have a significant Czech footprint.

Litostroj to take part in modernization of German Jochenstein HPP

Litostroj Group will take part in the modernization of the Jochenstein hydropower plant on the Danube River between Upper Austria and Bavaria.

The Litostroj Group will reconstruct other turbines in Alabama

Litostroj Group, the world's leading manufacturer of turbines and other hydropower equipment, has won a contract for the reconstruction of three turbines at the Lay hydropower plant in the U.S. state of Alabama.

Litostroj manufactures impellers for Austrian Rosshag power plant

Litostroj Power of the ENERGO-PRO Group will produce four impellers for the Austrian Rosshag pumped-storage hydropower plant. The contract also includes the development of the hydraulic design and model tests in the hydraulic laboratory.

Litostroj will deliver equipment for a new hydropower station Mokrice, Slovenia

The Slovenian manufacturer of water turbines Litostroj Power from the Energo-Pro Group signed a contract with its client HESS (Hydroelectric power stations on the lower Sava River) and will participate in the development of a new hydropower station Mokrice.

Key part of turbine from Litostroj Group is ready for hydro power plant in Alabama

Litostroj Group, the world leading producer of water turbines and other hydraulic machines has produced a runner for the Lay Hydropower Plant in the US state of Alabama. This renowned power plant is currently undergoing reconstruction.

Slapy Hydropower Plant underwent another phase of modernisation

The second phase of the planned modernisation of the Slapy Hydropower Plant is completed. The machinery TG1, which was connected to the energy network in September 1995, has undergone a major overhaul.


Litostroj Engineering a.s.

We are a leading supplier of technology for hydropower plants and pumping stations. The key part of our activities is design and engineering. We are building on the historical tradition of research and development in the Moravian town of Blansko. The first water turbine was manufactured in the local ironworks at the turn of the 20th century. 

We are a member of the Litostroj Group. We focus on research and development, design and hydraulic tests of hydropower plant equipment. In collaboration with other members of the Group, we offer complete turnkey supplies of hydropower plant equipment. We take advantage of the production capacity of our other group-companies in Slovenia (Litostroj Power) and newly in Turkey (Litostroj Turkey). For supplies to the American continent we use another member of our group – Litostroj Hydro based in Canada. 

The complete supplies include design documentation, construction and installation. We supply water turbines of all types and sizes, pumping turbines and pumps. We also focus on modernisation and upgrading of hydropower plants and their equipment.

As an example, we participated in the modernisation of Europe’s largest reversible water turbine in the Moravian pumped-storage hydropower plant Dlouhé Stráně, the capacity of which is 325 MW. Another significant project of Litostroj Engineering was the supply and installation of water turbine parts in the largest German pumped-storage hydropower plant Goldisthal.

We also carried out an overhaul of machinery in the Lipno Hydropower Plant located on the river Vltava for the company ČEZ. New contracts were acquired in Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria as well.


The Moravian town of Blansko (now Czech Republic) boasts a centuries-old tradition of foundry and machine production dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As early as in 1698, the first iron mill was founded by the noble family of Gellhorn at the Blansko estate. The greatest development of the local machinery works was initiated by their later owner, Count Hugo František Salm, in the 18th century. The machinery works in Blansko belonged to the largest factories in the Austrian Empire. The first water turbine was produced in the local ironworks at the turn of the 20th century. 

Right at the beginning of the 20th century, the Austrian engineer Viktor Kaplan was working at the technical university in the nearby city of Brno. It was his research that led to the invention of a new type of turbine. After World War I, the production of this new Kaplan turbine began in Brno. A significant part of the later activities of the machinery works in Blansko is connected with this type of turbine.

The experimental research in Blansko has also nearly a hundred-year-old tradition connected with the interwar period in Czechoslovakia. The first hydraulic laboratory was built on the local river Punkva in the 1920s. In 1927, the machinery works in Blansko became part of the famous Czechoslovak concern “Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk” (ČKD). At the time, they began to produce hydraulic and mill machines in large scale. Another hydraulic laboratory was later founded on the river Svitava.

The fate of the machinery works was affected by political storms that swept through Europe in the twentieth century. During World War II, the Nazis were using the factory for military production. After the nationalisation of Czechoslovak industry in 1950, an independent national enterprise ČKD Blansko was founded. Two years later, the Ministry of Heavy Industry decided that the centre of the Czechoslovak research and development of hydraulic machines would be in Blansko; other laboratories were established.

After 1989, Blansko experienced a decline in production. However, after privatisation in 1996, there was new hope in the field of research and development. A new company ČKD Blansko Engineering was established; since then, it has been focusing on design and engineering works, installation and measurement of hydraulic machines.

In 2006, ČKD Blansko Engineering became part of the Slovenian group Litostroj Power. Two internationally acknowledged trademarks – ČKD and Litostroj – were combined to conquer foreign markets. While in Blansko the key activities remained in design and engineering, the Slovenian parent company is the leading producer of water turbines. 

In 2014, Litostroj Power together with its subsidiary ČKD Blansko Engineering became part of the group ENERGO-PRO, the leading operator of hydropower plants and distribution networks in Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

In 2019, the company was renamed to Litostroj Engineering.