Litostroj will deliver equipment for a new hydropower station Mokrice, Slovenia

The Slovenian manufacturer of water turbines Litostroj Power from the Energo-Pro Group signed a contract with its client HESS (Hydroelectric power stations on the lower Sava River) and will participate in the development of a new hydropower station Mokrice. The delivery includes three horizontal Bulb units with a runner of 4.8 m in diameter as well as all the auxiliary systems. The value of the contract is almost EUR 19 million.

Mokrice is the fifth and the last hydropower station in the cascade on the lower Sava just before the border with Croatia. The installed capacity of the entire cascade will be 187 MW, while the capacity of Mokrice itself will be 28 MW. “Litostroj Power supplied equipment for all the other projects in this cascade – for the hydropower stations Boštanj, Arto-Blanca, Krško, and Brežice – therefore the current project is developed in continuation of our previous collaboration with this leading client in Slovenia,” adds Pavel Váňa, the Executive Director of Energo-Pro. The project of the new hydropower station Mokrice was adjusted several times to perfectly meet all the demanding conditions for a fully ecological operation without any adverse impact on the ecosystems of the Sava and Krka rivers.

In these days, the works on the project have started at the hydraulic laboratory of Litostroj Engineering in Blansko, Czech Republic, as the guaranteed performance of the turbines needs to be confirmed by a model test before the works can continue. To do so, the engineers in Blansko first had to design an accurate model of the new turbine.

Works started also on the design and technical documentation for the prototype units. After the collaboration with the Slovenian client is approved, Litostroj shall commence its production activities in order to guarantee a top final quality and timely delivery. Litostroj Power has 50 months to deliver the full contract including the installation and testing.

Technical data

Turbine type

Number of units

Runner diameter

Rotational speed

Nominal gradient

Nominal discharge

Nominal power

Maximum gradient

Maximum discharge

Maximum power                

Horizontal Bulb


4800 mm

107 rpm

6.4 m

166.7 m3/s

9.6 MW

8.4 m

166.7 m3/s

12.8 MW